Doubt for adalo pro

I am building a sales app and plan to upload it on the play store, so when I buy adalo pro upload the app to play store, for that app will I get 5 Gb of data only the period till I have pro or will the excess storage continue for that app even after the one-month pro is over?
I asked this question before and did not get an answer to this so posting it again, I really need to know this before I take any further actions.

If anyone has some idea I would really appreciate your help!:see_no_evil:

Hello! The 5gb storage is more for your data collections, not your app static files and such.

But yes, once you’ve stopped your pro subscription, you’ll drop back to the free tier, which means your data collections can only have up to 50 records.

Because hosting a realtime database incurs cost, they can’t possibly let you keep using their database service without paying a subscription fee :joy: hope this helps


Fair enough :joy:.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Just to be clear, what Vance wrote is correct.

When you downgrade your subscription, you will lose the priveledges of that premium subscription.

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@Colin Yes, Thank you :grinning:

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