Drop-down button bigger on Android native than on web preview

Hi there, I get the different results for this drop-down selection (see top-right of screenshots) - can someone help?
Thanks. Greg!

Both those screenshots look identical to me.

You’re right, sorry! Here is the one with the issue:

Sorry Greg but I am still not seeing the difference in that screenshot from the previous 2?

The joy of multi-tasking… the 3 screenshots above show the issue (on Android). This one shows the web preview, as i would like it to be. Thanks @Colin

Hi @Colin, wonder if you have any idea on how to solve this?
Thanks for your precious support.

I think a worakaround that may work in this regard is to make both boxes larger in height. As it appears there may be a default minimum height attached to the dropdown box on Android. So by making both boxes bigger, they will be equal in height.

Got it thanks for looking into this Colin.

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