Duplicate element

duplicate item

Greetings. Does anyone know how the elements in a database can be controlled, that is, that no element is repeated.
in a database we can have texts, numbers, dates etc… how to do so that the elements cannot be repeated?

example. in a form we load the data of “name” or “phone number” How do we make the database tell us if the element is already used?

When creating the item from the form, set a condition that the action will only take place if there’s no other property with the same value.


If I’m correct you need a Custom Form to do this. And make the Create action conditional.

These videos explains it better.

Thank you


Very grateful for this.

Actually it was as simple as being able to hide the “create button” whether or not “X” condition is met.

I always believe that the simplest process is the best and in this case I could see 2 solutions!!

very thankful!!