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Hello, how can I embed the webapp (like the preview look) via iframe into my website but without the qr code the text stuff. Only the App Content?

Hi Sup,

I think the URL gives you the app only. I have tried with Wix, Web app in adalo and a website made with Coding ( HTML) and I only get the app preview only.


Pasted the App URL on the HTML Embed

Web app in adalo

Pasted the App URL in the web view

Website made with coding

<div align="center"><iframe width="352" height="752" src="App URL" frameborder="2px"></iframe></div>

Thank you

Works if using a desktop Web app type, there is no preview first.

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The Easiest Way to Embed Web Apps to Your Website [Video]

  • Copy the Embed Code of Your Web Apps. Highlight and copy the embed code you have from your Deployment window inside your Caspio account.
  • Paste the Code Inside Your CMS.
  • Embed Your Web Apps.

Works great. Thank you

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