Embed website without using iFrame/Webview

Hey there Friends, I’m looking for somebody who has been successful embedding a website into a screen in an app without using an I-frame.

Note: The Webview feature is an iframe (and doesn’t work for some sites).

We are trying to embed a thinkific LMS page, but thinkific won’t allow for iFrame imbeds.

Suggestions? Can we use JavaScript? Or anything else? I’m a newbie. Any ideas or guidance you can provide would be really helpful.

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Hi @josh,

Have you tried Webview component?


Hello @Victor

Unfortunately, the Webview feature uses an iframe (and doesn’t work for this case).

Thinkific.com blocks iframes.

Any other suggestions?


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Put it on a subdomain?

If it won’t iframe then it will be hard to force it. And if if you got round it then it may be blocked in the future.

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