Error codes and exception handling

What are the best practices for error codes and exception handling? For example, I might submit an invalid parameter in the API call and I could return a response message or code for “Invalid Search Term”. Is there a way to handle this?

What other information is there on best practices for error codes and exception handling?

Thank you.

Hi George,

I’m not sure in what context you are trying to do this in? As all error codes are handled by Adalo itself and not able to be changed.

Often in Custom Actions, you will need to inform the user about what went wrong with the data input. Example: the post code provided is out of the service area. The API will return a response that has a different structure than normal success responses.

Currently there is no way (that I know of) to handle such responses and give error feedback to the users, this is a must for good UX.

Thank you

hi Maik, having the same issue - did you come with anything maybe?

Hi @Lukasz,

I move a lot of external requests to Integromat and handle the errors there.
It could become costly, but at least I can understand what’s happening…