Filter by date picker - only one day

Hello everyone,

I know there are several discussion about this but didn’t find a solution.

Simple thing (I thought) :confused: :

I just want to filter a list by date picker.

Is that possible to only show the events for the choosen date ?
I don’t have the possibility to choose “is equal to” but only “before/after/betwenn”

Thanks a lot in advance for your precious support

Hi @Lisa.07

You can use app wide variable by adding field in users collection, such as tmp start time and update this field with a button and use them as filter.

To have equal to in expression, the field must be date (not date time).

So, my suggestion are as follow

  1. Add date field (not date time field) as additional field in your event collection, make this the same as event date time field
  2. Add date field again in users collection as tmp start time
  3. Put button for search that update this tmp start time
  4. Use this tmp start time as filter in your event list

If you still want to use date time as filter, you can check my trick about updating time according to timezone, so we get the whole day between 00:00 to 23:59.

Beware of the between in expression as the end point is not exact, I would rather use 2 expressions as replacement, greater than or equal to and less than or equal to.

Hopefully this reply make a little peace in your issue.

I didn’t fully understood the solution sorry … :confused:

It works when I put “Event Date” is equal to “Date picker” ! However to create an event I use the “Date & Time” item and not only “Date” . Do you think there is a possibility ?

Okay, This is the possibility currently we have,

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 4.14.32 AM

There is a difference expression between Date Time and Date, if you want to have equal, you need to use Date.

But you can have both by adding also Date Time in your collection.

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