Filter Option not Working

Let me explain in totality what I am trying to do, then explain the simple process I am trying to do and maybe we can come up with a solution together.

So I have User Groups that are connected to a User. Each group in the collection obviously has a text name. I have functionality for Push Notifications for Groups set up as well. Then I have a collection set up that saves ALL push notification information.

I am trying to create a Push Notification Tray where users can view all past push notifications in case they accidentally clear the push without reading it or it’s too long to read, they can view it in the tray. But it needs to be filtered to only show the logged in user push notifications sent to a group that they are in.

On the Tray screen I have a list of the Push Notifications collection, I am trying to filter the list by – Group Name the Push was sent to Contain (In push collection) Contains the same text as Logged In User’s > Groups > Name. But the Name option is not available. Seems like it should be a natural and simple filter yet I can’t do it. Any idea why or ideas on how to solve my issue?

Hi Joey,

Like this right?

If it is this how I did it.

Thank you

A variation of that did work for me, thank you!!

It did create another issue though. That is: now my notifications tray will ONLY show notifications sent to groups, it will not display ones sent to All Users… Unless of course I create a group called All Users, which I have, but then I have no way of automatically adding all new users to that group.

Your Welcome!

You mean Private chat notifications?

No, Push Notifications.

I think you don’t need a group. You can create a true/false property like All and Filter the list like Current Notification>Group"s>Users>All>Contains>Logged in user Or Current Notification>All ( created true/false property)>is true. And on creating the notification you can tick the All property if that notification is for all.

But The Or filter is not there still. But it’s on the way.

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