Fixing the Signature Component from Pragmaflow

Hey guys, as many of you know, pragmaflow doesn’t maintain their components but they are such useful components for free!

What I need is someone to help me fix the signature component. Need to convert BASE64 SVG to BASE64 PNG · Issue #1 · pragmaflowinc/adalo-signature · GitHub

The issue is that on native device the component saves the signature as a BASE64 SVG+xml but I need it to be BASE64 PNG in order to get Adalo image component to display it correctly.

Therefore, we need to adjust the component’s Javascript and convert it: as discussed here in the stackoverflow community javascript - how can convert a base64 svg image to base64 image png - Stack Overflow

Any help or work arrounds would be super helpful!


I am interested in doing that…

I have it done, please PM me so i can let you test it.