Flow Lines between pages

I’m a newbie to this platform. Seems the flow lines between pages of my app disappeared. How do I get them to show again? Thanks in advanced.

Hi @rt_neri, and welcome to the community!

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We have many people willing to help, but we need more information to do that. How’s your current setup? What do you mean by flow lines? What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Be detailed in your requests and provide supporting media (screenshots and/or screen recording).

Make life easier for those trying to help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the feedback.

What I mean is that the lines that reflect the links between the pages no longer show up. For example, there are links between these pages depending on what the user taps on. They used to show up but not anymore. These links lines are very helpful to me and if they re not there, I’m not sure if I actually added the link or not.
missing link lines

That’s a setting from your app:

The screenshot provided is from a test account.


Awesome; thanks!

Addition to what Charles said!

Or you can enter Shift key with the L key in your keyboard ( Shift+L)!

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Thanks Dilon; good to know. That’s probably what I inadvertently did along the way when it disappeared.

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