Form with opening time and closing time fields

hi everyone, i am still building my new app. I am facing a problem: How to make a registration form with “opening time” and “closing time” fields by choosing only the time ?
The current possibility with adalo allows you to enter a date and a time.
I would like the user fills only time.
Please help me thank you
special greetings to @dilon_perera for your help . Thanks you so much
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Try this component…

Demo - Time Picker

Thanks you
but i it’s not what i want to do.
I want to do a form with fields “opening time” and “closing time” by choosing only the time.

see the image attached pls
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Hi @nouahenri,

Like @frontoftheline mentioned you would need the Timer Picker component made by NoCode Monkey! : 🐒 Time Picker | New Component from NoCode Monkey Because the date picker doesn’t give the option for only time but it has a date & time option which you don’t need.

If you couldn’t buy it you would need to build a own one with drop-downs and collections, unfortunately! You can add this feature request here :

Thank you

hi @dilon_perera
I just bought Time Picker component.
I’m looking for tutorials or documents on how to use the component that I can’t find anywhere. please show me how to use it in a signup form as shown in the attached image. THANKS
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