Format JSON to call API

Any ideas how I could transform text into JSON format? I am currently building an app that needs users to receive text. Edit it how they want to and then the text generation is called again but with the edited text however it is not in JSON format at that point and the API will not be called.

I would typically use this free tool JSON Online Validator and another free tool called Hoppscotch to make sure I can get it working outside of Adalo

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Hi Kyle @Writem8,

That depends on how you need to transfer data to your API.

E.g. if your API has an endpoint which accepts JSON in a certain format, you can create a custom action, which will send this JSON. In turn, you can pass the data to this Custom Action from the app itself using magic text.

Another approach could be to create a scenario in Make which will listen to the webhook, then gets the data from Adalo and sends it to your API. In this case you can manipulate the data in between (e.g. remove extra spaces or commas, etc.).