Formatting Visual Content

Hi guys,

I would like to present visuell Content like charts and pictures in my App instead of text.

So I’m using the image property for my Content.

Unfortunately, the visual elements are always of different sizes, which means that some elements are compressed and others are stretched in Adalo.

Is there a way that the dimensions of the content, which are also set up flexibly when creating in Canva, are transferred to the container in Adalo and do not automatically change their format?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


You have two options

And you must consider responsive design too

You can get deep with imgix params too. You’ll need some trial and error to get to what you want, Adalo will override what you specify in w & h I think.

Easiest approach is to make your image container fairly large and set to ‘Show full image’

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don’t know where to find the second option “Width Resizing”.

I don’t think it is possible to display images with different proportions of content in a container in Adalo (although the images themselves have exactly the same formats in Canva!). By changing the container “image”, I can adapt the container to one image, but this again reduces or enlarges the other images too much.

Hey @phil1

Scales with parent is a ‘responsive design’ option only.
If you are dealing with images in a list then yes, you are constrained somewhat.

Sounds like you might be using static images though, in which case with a responsive app, you should be able to get them exactly as you want.

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