Formula Help Concerning Numeric Input field of -/+

My math is not coming out correctly and I can’t figure out where I did wrong here. I used Victor’s tutorial ( which is a great (Thanks Victor! This tutorial helped me move forward on my app) tool but when I increase the input value of the quantity by 2, it doesn’t multiply the whole total by 2 but the total price only increases by $7, which tells me it’s only multiplying the total for the Extra Meat selection by the amount of quantity. This is so weird. Any idea what I did wrong here? I’m attaching screenshots of my formula and layout. Also, why is it adding all the choices for all the ingredient selections from each category when I only want one choice per category to be chosen. I followed Adalo’s tutorial on payment and ordering and I used the custom list here because I couldn’t figure out how to use the toggle button because it won’t allow me to chose what I need to toggle.

I think you will need to include brackets in your equation.

E.G (menu item price+sum price+sum price+sum price)*quantity input

Oh, you’re right. OMG. Where did all my math education go? LOL. And I was a straight A student in math. That goes to prove the whole Asians are good with math thing is not always the case. Go figure!

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Thanks again for pointing out my error. I fixed it per your suggestion and it’s working now. Woohooo!!! Now, only if I can figure out how to make the toggle button thing to work then I’d be done with this app and move on to the last two.

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