Google calendar integration

Hello everyone, I am trying to use zapier to integrate the adalo calendar with the logged in users’s google calendar, is it possible? I woul like to show the events in both the calendars, the adalo one and the google one. I don’t uderstand how to deal with it because in the zapier workflow I can only see my personal account to preceed with the integration.
Thank you all!

Hi Filli,

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As for Zapier, I think that’s how it works. You can try Integromat, an alternative to Zapier. (You can do way more complex setups in Integromat) Btw, Integromat changed their name to Make.

This tutorial should also help you:

Thank you a lot! So in Make it is possible to add an event to the user’s calendar right? Just to be sure and put my effort in it.

I’m not sure, but you can do a lot in integromat.

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