Google Play Console - change package name in APK

Hello everyone,

When I was trying to create testing for my app in Android and uploading APK, I got this message: “You need to use a different package name because ‘’ already exists in Google Play.” Does anyone please know what might be the issue?


I managed to resolve that! If anyone experiences that, let me know :slight_smile:

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Amigo, a mi me sale este mensaje: El formato del nombre de paquete de tu APK o Android App Bundle debe ser “com.example.myapp”. Puede incluir letras (a‑z), números y guiones bajos (_). Debe empezar con un carácter en minúscula y tener 150 caracteres como máximo.

ES mi primer intento, sabes que puede estar pasando?

Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish :smiley:

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