Google Sign In / Apple Sign In

@Colin can we use these apple and google sign in components for external users authentication?

I am starting to build on @xano and since they have authentication (email & google currently, apple coming soon), can I use the current components to authenticate users external collections?

I don’t believe this would be possible as this would need to be included in the scope of the oAuth, which right now is hard coded and limited to only the info needed for a user within Adalo.

Hey @bhanu and @Colin . I believe this is actually technically possible with Xano. We handle the OAuth on our end but still pass a bearer token to the front-end which is what Adalo accepts. We haven’t tried it yet so @bhanu maybe we can work on an example with your app to get to help get it working.

@Colin Using your web view, is there a way to receive information via window.postMessage? If we can do that, then we can pass the bearer token from the Webview.