Google text-to-speech issues

Hey, jus started back up on my app again and im having a few issues with Google text to speech. I know a user put together a awesome video on how to do it, but im struggling to find the correct headers BASE URLS etc to put the custom action together. Jus a quick question, is the only option available to text-to-speech google?

@ekull, check this out! :

Hey brother, been a while hope you are well! I watched this video before, do I jus out my
API key in the header? :heart::heart:

yup! Steven mentioned that in the video!


Oh so just put my API straight in? Like no other titles jus my API key

Is there a certain header? Like authorisation as the Header and then just type the API key in below

nop. for the name add what steven added ( the above screenshot ) or try adding Authorization and then for the value add the api key with Bearer. make sure to add a space between them.

Do I add l this code in brother? The entire curl

nop. add this in the body and fill the details like in the video.

"input": { 
object (SynthesisInput) 
"voice": {
object (VoiceSelectionParams) 
 "audioConfig": { 
object (AudioConfig) 

Thank you Dilon, been stuck on this for a while. Il give it another shot once I’m back . Thank you :heart::heart:

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keep getting this error,
“error”: {
“code”: 403,
“message”: “Method doesn’t allow unregistered callers (callers without established identity). Please use API Key or other form of API consumer identity to call this API.”,

I guess something wrong with the API key. Can you send a dm?

sure thing Dilon, il do it now

Dilon helped me out, all solved! It was an issue with format of the API key

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Happy to help!

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