Groups with inputs pressed to the bottom of the screen do not work correctly

I ran into a problem - the groups that I pressed to the bottom of the screen, which contain input, are pressed to the bottom of the screen until you click on this Input to enter text. When you click on input, the keyboard pops up from below, and everything was OK before - the keyboard shifted the group containing input exactly as much up - as needed to display the keyboard.
And then suddenly it started to shift a little higher than necessary - that is, a keyboard appears, about 1 centimeter of empty space above it and a group with input is already above this void.

I marked this empty space with an arrow in the screenshot.

There was no such emptiness before… And a week ago its appeared.

Who has encountered - please tell me how to fix it

Hello, @adalojosh can you please review this issue? Because I’m also experiencing the same problem on many apps. The layout was working on the previous builds, but it suddenly stopped working correctly in the new Android builds.

Thank you!

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