Help on Deleting Apps and Cloning


I am new to Adalo and happy to be here!

  1. I am wondering is there a way to delete apps (for example when I clone items I’d like to get rid of seeing these in the dropdown).
  2. I like the UI kits and when I try copying them to a specific app I am building, but it first creates a new app. Is there a way to just add these specific components without having to create a whole new app? Does that make sense.
  3. This may be more of a feature request but it would be nice to save elements that one has personally created to very easily access them in another app without needing to go back and forth.



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#1 is possible
#2 & #3 will be feature requests, maybe you can add a request here

ok, for #1, it’s in the settings on the left.


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