Hiring: Adalo expert needed to fix app

Hello all - I’m looking to hire a certified Adalo expert to help me fix my app which is not working or not working properly. I’ve already built all the screens in 3 of my 4-in-1 app but it is not pulling data and the page shows up blank. I believe the filtering, database relationship and set up is not correct. Let me know if you can help. DM me!


I’m not certified by Adalo but I have build 10 apps 5 on the AppStore.

You can email me Dan.trendstonedevelopment@gmail.com

Hi there. Thanks for your response but I am looking to hire only Adalo certified experts because I hired a guy today (non-certified Adalo expert) and we did not get anyway after spending an hour and a half going over the app. He told me he can’t wrap his head around how big my app is. My app is actually really big as it is a 4-in-1 app. I personally don’t thing it’s that complicated because it’s my firtst time building the app and I built it myself using YouTube tutorials. I’m just not that great with trouble-shooting database structure, relationships, filtering, etc. Again, thanks for your time but I’m looking to hire someone who is a bona fide Adalo expert.

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Thanks. I found them and reached to several of these experts.