Hiring: Looking for Expert! $75-$100/hr

Hi all,

Big time Adalo fan here wanting to launch the most amazing app ever created on Adalo in a couple months. ; )

I am currently building and planning on completing the build myself… but I am looking for an expert to guide me in a few areas where I am lacking so I can launch by August.

Instead of messaging everyone in the expert marketplace… I figured I would try posting my specifics here to see if I can find a perfect fit. Here’s a list of my needs and expectations, all of which I am open to being corrected on:

1. Expert is willing to sign an NDA so that I know my idea and intellectual property is protected.
2. Expert can meet via video calls 2-3 times per week for an hour at a time, and each session can be recorded.
3. Expert can help execute the following list, each item taking around an hour to accomplish at a rate of $75-$100/hr:

  • Discovery: Get a full understanding of my apps goals, mission, and functionality. Understand different user journeys and priority features.
  • Database Architecture Analysis: Assess collections logic and relationships as it relates to speed and scalability. Suggest improvements.
  • Collections/Relationships: Add missing collections and relationships to complete functionality.
  • External/API/Storage: Setting up an AWS S3 Bucket (or similar) to store user uploaded media files (images and videos) and return a URL to Adalo. Ideally using Integromat (low cost) or Zapier.
  • External/API: Setup integrations with Twilio, Google Calendar, Facebook, Instagram, and a few others using Integromat or Zapier.
  • Connecting WebApp or Website: Cover basics of how to connect web app or website to same database as app.
  • Launch Checklist: Provide a list of action items to successful launch in IOS and Android store.

*Perhaps a few more general sessions around Design, Best Practices, Ect.

  1. Expert is able to be on retainer for after launch to assist with initial bugs, edits, or add-ons at hourly rate.


Know anybody that can do the above? Any thoughts about my expectations around NDA, hourly rate, or timelines?

Hi NoCodeNinja

I’ve been working with Jonathan at CO-DEFY and they’re pretty awesome and have built a fully production grade eco-system for us. It includes, webapp, pwa, ios app (not yet published), shopify, airtable with middleware / business logic handled by Integromat, Parabola and Netlify (custom api).

They’ve designed the system from the ground up with a focus on stability, nocode tools and cost overhead minimization.

I’m sure they can help. Jonathan can be reached at jonathan@co-defy.co



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Hi, very important, what is the timeline for the app and when should be started?

Database - Which one will you use?

Connecting WebApp or Website - Which site? Also Adalo or others? I am a WordPress developer.

For the point: External/API/Storage:

I made a video about that Storing Media in AWS S3 with Integromat and Adalo - YouTube

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Thanks for the recommendation @claireconza

I’ll be sure to reach out to them for a scope!

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Hi @JL_LJ,

Thanks for the response. I am hoping to have the app beta launched in August and fully deployed beginning of September.

I will most likely store video/images in S3 to minimize cost and hopefully keep things fast and snappy. Everything else I can store in Adalo, unless there is a strong case to be made for using Airtable or Xano for external filtering to increase app speed.

As far as website vs webapp… do you know the pro/cons? Probably leaning towards webapp with Adalo or Webflow connected to original app database.

Great tutorial video… thanks for sharing!

Btw- what time zone are you in?

Mmm, website will be easier to build the SEO on top, WordPress or Webflow, if you want to connect same DB, Webflow maybe is the way to go. Not sure how SEO is built around a Webapp in Adalo.

WordPress has native DB (Can be a blocker though), Webflow you can connect to Airtable and so on. I would need to know the features that you really need to be able to recommend best options.

Every DB (Xano, Airtable,Adalo) has its pro and cons in what it comes to filtering, you can always do a mix.

My physical timezone is CET, although work 100% remote, so no real time schedule.

I know I am late to the party, but if you are still on the lookout for someone I would be happy to help you, as I am experienced Adalo consultant.
You can reach me on andrewjohnson.56782@gmail.com
Cheers and Have a great Monday,

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