History or previously viewed pages

Is it possible to list previously viewed pages/collection data of an user and display it only to them? And in case the user views the same data more than once, it should not display them multiple times. Any idea on how to go about this? Thanks.

Hi Neitham,

Are you trying to show a “recently viewed” list?

You could create a “log” of the current time, user, and collection for recently viewed. Then show that list of the log filtered by user and limit the number of items shown (ex. show the last 5 pages viewed).

If you want a true history, it’s more complicated because you’ll need a way to structure it for every page and you can’t filter for duplicates in Adalo, so you’ll need a way to capture if the user has been to the page before or not.

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Any ideas to hack around the duplicates would be appreciated. :smiley:

BTW, how do I log “collection for recently viewed”?

Maybe if the logged-in user clicks this current list too goes to his last viewed?

No, what I want to log is only pages which contains a particular collection data. For eg. If I have News collection, only when the user visit the pages where the News collection is displayed, only then it should log it in the recently viewed pages.

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