Horizontal list view

Hello there!!
I have collection for Flash Sale and I wanted to make a custom design horizontal list in home page; is there have any option for that. I can make vertical list but couldn’t find to manage in horizontal order.


Need help

Search for simple in Add Component.

There is only vertical list. Can you please share more info about it?

Thanks for reply

ah. i think theyre working on that

Thanks buddy it’s worked. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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no worries, it was nothing :smiley:

can you tell me the answers of this, actually you had withdrawn the post and i wanted to know this tecchnique

I thought ahmed was joking, right?


thanks! for the help AHMED

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No buddy, a simple thing I was missing :blush:

I think Ahmed’s solution has some issues after I tried it with a circle shape for the image because it is so impossible to have it perfect circle and there is no option for side spacing for horizontal orientation.

Here is how it looks side by side.

Is there a solution for a true horizontal list now?