How can I capture the data that is displayed by my random picker component?

Hi Adalo Communinty I am would like to know how can I capture the data that was randomly picked and displayed by the Random Picker. In my app I have Picker wheel(GIF) that spins and a Random Picker component for randomly picking a user as a lucky winner from the DB. So I would like to have a list of all users whose names were randomly picked.
Below is the link clonable link.


Hi @Development,

Could you explain a bit more? So you need to store the user value that gives by the random picker in a collection and display it? If the same user comes as the lucky winner how you want the result to be?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera .
Yes you are 100% correct, I would like to store the values/data of the users that are randomly picked by the Random Picker in a collection that I name “Lucky Winner” and display these users that where randomly picked using a List component

Check this out! : Lucky Winner Clone

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