How can I run Node.js to encode HMAC-Sha256?

I would like to know how to run “Node.Js Code” like this.

  1. I got API test result with success response.
  2. I need to request to the backend to initiate the wallet service.
  3. How can I run these following sample code on Adalo?
    4, If it is not supported on Adalo, What is the best solution to use this automation with Adalo?


var crypto = require(‘crypto’);
var ts = Math.floor(+new Date() / 1000);
var sec = ‘5c6c31bf-b5c-46s3-a034-6f5ca00422d’;

var data = {
bid: bid,
email: email,
timestamp: ts
var queryString = [];
for( var p in data )
queryString.push(p + “=” + data[p]);
queryString = queryString.join("&");

var secretHash = crypto.createHmac(‘sha256’, sec).update(queryString).digest(‘hex’);


Hi @sangky,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to run custom code in Adalo.

May be in your case you should look at the option of using AWS Lambda, make a function there and then exchange the data via Custom actions.

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you for your kind answer anyway.
Victor, I am planning to make batch processing component with React and React Native.
by the way, is there any good way to search private components for Adalo? If someone did it already, It will be very useful share it…
Even thoughh I found the way I can do same process with Toolbox plugin and API connector on Bubble.
but I prefer to use Adalo rather than migrating to Bubble because of the productivity.

Hi @sangky,

I guess there is a Slack channel for component developers, but I’m not sure how to join it.
@Colin could you advice please?

Best regards, Victor.

I have sent an invite to the component developers slack channel to your email @sangky


Thank you. Colin.

It will be very helpful…

Hello Victor… Thank you for your previous answer…
I have one more question about it.

So running custom code (node.js code for HMAC SHA 256 signature) with custom made component is not available??

I almost figure out how to build custom component for couple of weeks…

please give me an advice on it…

Thank you.

Hi @sangky,

Sorry, I can’t help with this - I’m not a custom component developer.