HOW CAN I USE API CALLS in our adalo from an existing android app

please help me to connect api calls in our app

do you have the API documentation ?

Sir I have source code

Please tell me how to use api calls in our new build adalo app

@dpkpandey138 source code will not be helpful here. you’ll need to have API documentation in order to use it in the Adalo apps.

There’s not much the community can help with your source code. I suggest you find an expert from here: Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies to help you.

Sir how to get Api documentation.

What API calls are you trying to use from your existing android app?

My app name is jetly private jet app in Android and iOS app store I want to replicate it my own api calls are same for Android and iOS

Please guide me I want to build my own I have time to learn adalo

I have a source code developed using resource.

This is my Android source code

(Attachment android-1180230318572183055 (1).zip is missing)

Sir this is my source code for android

sir my app name is jetly private jet charter

sir please tell me how to api documentation my app name is jetly private jet charter.

sir please help me about api documenttion.