How do I handle GDPR?

Hi. Another question. Since I, personally wont be handling any kind of information in my app, not even with a login screen, I only have IAP’s, how would I go about the GDPR. I’m also not in Europe. Would I still need a GDPR statement, or not? How would I handle this?

Edit: I have decided to not offer the app in Europe, but instead offer it in other countries. Do you know what Adalo collects so I can add it to the privacy policy?

Hi Ks,

Did you read this?

Where is the Database from Adalo stored? If it’s not within the EU it might collide with the GDPR.

I just re-read it, but how would I go about setting up the button in my database?

I believe it is currently in US. Ben (one of the founder) has mentioned in the town hall many many many months ago in future we can select where we can populate our app by selecting the region.

But based on my reading in forum, the Adalo team is still migrating from Heroku App to AWS. It is going to take a while. Usually a while for Adalo can be next year due to the technical debt they had built up when the founders started the company.

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