How do you make it so users can be online (and those in their friend list can see a green dot or something to show they are online) AND also users can toggle to hide they are online?

Basically just want to know

  1. How to make my users have ability to be online

  2. Have option to toggle to be offline if they don’t wanna chat to anyone

  3. Create some kind of green circle next to their name that appears on their friend lists so friends can see who is online/offline.

Hi @Wind,
Didn’t test, but from top of my head, maybe you could use a “Logged-in” field in the user, that when user logins you set that to “True”, when users logs outs if updates to “False”.
Also set a toogle button to user, if he wants to set as “Appear Logged out” or come back again to loggedin (so change status logged-in to true/false)

Then you create a greencircle and another red circle and you display with a condition visibility showing green if loggedin = true and red if loggedin = false.