How I RECOVERED my Adalo App I deleted accidentally

My app is called Linked online. IT has 100+ pages and is being used by 200+ of our members. Please help me recover my app. I need it to be online ASAP

Hi @jazcap29 ,

Please submit support ticket.

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Already did… but no answers yet

Hi, I feel anxious. Can you follow up on my request?

Just wait for little more, they don’t work at weekend.

There’s NO way to recover an app from Adalo once deleted. I just got this message from Adalo’s email. Stop giving hope to your customers. Sad and disappointing.

No, that’s NOT true. They have already emailed me saying there’s no way they can recover an app once deleted. Do you really work here?

@jazcap29 Community Leaders are not hired by Adalo and do not work for them, we are just “volunteers”.

Recovering deleting apps use to be an option from Adalo’s side but supposedly it’s not anymore.

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Seriously how can you guys be community leaders if you don’t read the updates?

This particular update was not announced if I’m correct.

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Whatever. Just tell the users that there’s NO way to recover their app once deleted. End of story.

Thread has run its course. Please be polite, especially to people trying to help.