(How) is "Show Current Location" working ? (map componnent)

Hi everyone !

I am trying to build my first app with Adalo :slight_smile:

Is “Show Current Location” allows to dynamically show current location on the map ? (and not the location of when he opened the page with the map, 5 or 10 minutes before?)

I use the map component, and managed to show makers on different places stored in my Adalo database. I selected “Show Current Location” of the map component as I want the user to see where he is on the map (but I don’t need to know or store user location).

On preview, chrome is asking me to access my location and I say yes. Then my current location do appear in the map (sometimes quite precisely, sometimes off by up to 100 meters / 300 feets) with a dot. But the dot is static. Even if I walk for 5 minutes, the dot stays at the same place on the map. When I refresh the page, then (most of the times), I get more or less my current location, with a fixed dot…

Is this the normal behavior of “Show Current Location” ?
Is there an easy way to make it “dynamic” and show the current user location (and not his location 10 minutes ago when he opened the app) ?

(I am currently on the free plan, so without access to Adalo Geolocalisation… but I plan to upgrade at some point)


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