How to calculate percentage?

I have a habit tracker, and I want to make it show how far people are along in %.

How can I do this?

In my database, I have a collection called Habits which include the number properties ‘days completed’ and ‘total amount of days to finish’. Would I have to divide the total number of days by the amount of days they’ve completed?

Please help me out on this as I’m really struggling and it would be such a helpful feature,


That’s more or less how to do it!

Here’s an example: let’s say I’ve done 78 days out of 365.

You’d use a custom formula of (78/365)*100 = 21. Then append the % on that.

Note: you need to multiple by 100 to show the traditional percent figure. 78/365= 0.21. Multiple that by 100 to get the 21.

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