How to calculate with days and minutes

If you want to add days or minutes to a Date & Time field in a Custom Formula see:

And here is a second one using time calculations:


Thanks for collecting these together @karimoo!

Thanks @karimoo for the info.

I am trying to use the “sometimes visible”, but it does not accept formulas. Is there a workaround for this.

Basically, I just want to say “good morning”, “good afternoon”, or “good evening” depending on the time of the day.

Thanks in advance!



Here is cloneable app that say greeting based on time

in my example, GMT+7, so the fraction need to be substracted with 7*60/1440

to calculate variable related to user, it is better doing it in the collection, then using update operation, we can have option of magic text and custom formula

change input value and sometimes visible are still very limited, so we need proxy variable, which is in users’ collection property.

I didn’t realize that checking time in app dev need intense calculation like this, probably, I used to look at the time at granted.

Hmm I tried this but it doesn’t appear to be working anymore?

Can you give me example rather than claim ?

It has been months since first created.

There doesn’t appear to be a greeting

This is cloneable app, you can check inside of the app.

You can play around with the fraction.

Yup tried, cloned it, played and not getting any greeting by default. Don’t trouble yourself too much with it, it would be a nice to have feature. But not vital :slight_smile:

What time is your test ?
Before 11:30am ?

Do you know that adding more fraction means adding time too ?

Only the user has the necessary DB fields. Should work if you login as and use ‘a’ as password or set the ‘greeting’ and ‘fraction’ DB fields for your own user.