Date - Integer Converter

I know I’m asking too much but I’m new and I want to learn the mechanism of Adalo. I want to make some Math calculations by using time, is there a way to make that?

You can do math with Date-type properties but not with Date and Time properties. The easiest way would be to use military time and calculate with that probably? You can also use the preset Date/Time options (4 hours from now) to filter lists and count objects with certain date criteria. What is your use-case?

I want to take a date/ time input (actually just want to time input for a day as a start and end time for some works but I think there is no way to take just a time input) from a user and then I want to divide into it some specific minutes. So I think your options wouldn’t work?

I’m doing something similar and using Airtable API


Great solution to use Airtable for that!

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Hey there,

Thanks your reply but i couldn’t understand how could you do it! Can you be more spesific? Thanks a lot!

I’m not clear what you need, but you can create extra fields in Airtable and use formulas the make the changes you need then pull those back into Adalo. E.g. I have a duration column and use that to calculate the end time of an event (Start Time + Duration).