How To Create a Navigation Menu with app bar?

Hi, Just demoing this after using bubble and I cannot find a way to add menu items to my Adalo desktop app.

I read through the very thin documentation and searched the forum multiple times there’s nothing really about it other than creating actions to pages. I added an app bar and you would think there a place for “Menu buttons”.

Any help would be appreciated.

@JustDemo what kind of menu items interface are you looking to add to your app?

Hi Ben,

The menu on the adalo product page in the images at the top. (Custom web domain & Google play).

To create a left nav like that, the left nav should actually be it’s own “screen” that’s set to be much narrower than your normal screens. We even have a screen template for that.

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Hi @Ben, I’m also trying to do this, please could you go into a little more on how it can be achieved?