Adding a Main Menu

Is it possible to add a main menu in a desktop webapp? I’ve tried default components and using text / buttons.

(1) The default component “App Bar” is limited to a few icons without the ability to add additional or text-based menu icons.

(2) The component “Tab Bar” has the flexibility needed, but got quite wonky when moved to the top of the page.

(3) Adding buttons arbitrarily to the top of the page also provided the needed flexibility, but they were none responsive.

Hi, @KevinPC. Could you show me a few screenshots :camera: so I can be clear?

Hi @KevinPC,

You can explore the option of building your own top-bar menu. It will require some effort though. For instance, you can use is a rectangle as a background, then you put text labels / icons / buttons on top of it, and then group all elements into 1 group.
To make this menu always stay on top, set a “Fixed to Top” in “Edit Styles” section for this group.
Most probably you’ll need to spend some time to make this menu look nice on the screens with different width.

Best regards, Victor.

@XaverRavr screenshot attached of the tab bar piece.

Thanks @Victor - may give that a shot. More general question - seems like Adalo is not currently able to handle responsiveness for tools built using desktop as the primary breakpoint. Is that right? Is Adalo essentially non-responsive within that use case?

Hi @KevinPC,

Not sure if I got your question right.
As for me, Adalo for webapps is kind of “semi-responsive”: it adjusts the components’ layout automatically, but there are no defined rules (or, rules publicly known), how this adjustment is being done.
Please keep in mind that Adalo was built primarily for mobile apps, where horizontal responsiveness is much less of an issue. So when you’re creating web-apps, sometimes building a proper looking design could be difficult (especially if you need to display smth like a spreadsheet); the problem is that Adalo will adjust the elements’ width automatically.

The good side is that Adalo team is well aware of all the issues and they have some plans to improve this.

Best regards, Victor.

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I see, it looks a bit wonkey (the tab bar)

Thanks for the confirmation @Victor - I began to suspect Adalo could not fulfill the use case of building a responsive tool out of the box. And sounds like you’ve already verified this.


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