How to create a PopUp that invites the user to review the app?

Goodmorning everyone,

as written in the subject, does anyone have any idea how to create a PopUp that invites the user to review the app?

I think we all know this sort of PopUp that invites you (once / twice) to review the app on the store.

Obviously this does not have to happen as soon as the user arrives on the home (for the first time) … Usually it should appear after a few minutes / session.

anyone have any ideas? Is it also necessary to send the user back to the store to review? I have seen an app that invited the user to give a rating directly in the APP.

Thank you all.

I see you can do the in app review without leaving, Here is the documentation for the api:

Whether it can be setup on Adalo is another question, would be interesting to try though.

In terms of the popups you would maybe want to time it after sign up. This video here gives you an idea how to set up ‘events’ on database depending on how long the user has signed up for:

Good morning,

I think you can also do it simply by creating a “Count” field in the user collection, which will update +1 every time the user is on the home page.

Then in the home page when the user lands it is necessary to create an action that will refer to a modal that with a “Review” button can send the user back to the store, to enter the review. This action of the home can be conditioned with the number (for example 15, so at 15 click in home the modal will open).

The only problem is that the user cannot review the application directly in the APP but will have to be sent back to the store … A little inconvenient … the framework you are talking about allows immediate review … Apple has it too.

@Adalo, do you plan to include this feature?


Upppppp….no news for this function??

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