How to create React Native based custom component?

We want twilio video call functionality in our application. We are targetting Android/ios devices. I want to build a custom plugin for twilio video call using React Native so that it can support Android/IOS devices. When I checked documentation, I find a command npx create-adalo-component my-component which creates a component/plugin but it doesn’t creates react-native code. It creates React code. How do i create “React-native” based component/plugin?

Another thing is, I am planning to integrate this library which contains Native Android/IOS code. I am wondering if this kind of libraries with Native code are supported with React Native based Adalo custom plugins or not?

Also, React Native projects can be created using Expo or React Native CLI. I am more interested in React Native CLI based plugin creation.

Also, I want the plugin based on typescript instead of JavaScript. Is there any option available for that?

Hi @jaydip_kalkani,

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I’m not a component dev but these guys can help here! ( @njimmy10, @James_App_Maker, @gskachkov )

Also I recommend you to signing to Adalo’s Component devs slack channel! : No-Code Meet Code in Adalo’s Component Marketplace ( scroll down a bit and you will find the section )

Thank you

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