How to generate links previews for websites

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New simple tutorial - how to generate the “link previews” for websites. Based on API. Enjoy:

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Thank you @Victor!
Do you think that would be possible to update a list with link previews using countdown and Custom Actions for websites URLs that are already in a database?
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Hi @ionutilie,

Well, in theory it is possible. However, this might be blocked by - if you send too many requests, you can get “429 Too many requests / rate limit exceeded”.

First, you have a limited number of requests per hour (see Linkpreview’s pricing policy).
Second, there might be a limitation for the number of requests / minute (I didn’t find the limitation in the docs, but it usually exists).

As upon countdown timer finish the timer will send a request for each record in the list, you might hit either one or another limit.

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Thank you @Victor !

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