How to get only part of custom action response?

Very simple question for coders: in this custom action API i only want the data which is highlited (inside “data” and then “BTC”). What should I pass to the custom request to get only this data?

Otherwise if I change the coin afterwards, the name of the endpoint is changed, and data not available

Hi @montetennis,

That’s an interesting question. What is the API endpoint, method and do you have any docs on that?


Hey Victor,
I’ve solved the issue using CoinGecko API, and will soon publish a video on that.
Also, talked with @Ben in Slack, and according to him what I want to do is not possible yet.

However, if you want to solve the issue for personal pride, these are more info on the custom action:

API docs: Account
Custom action design:

Thank you!

Hi @montetennis,

Sorry, it seems I’m missing something here :slight_smile:
When I test this custom action, I get all the data in JSON format. Then I can do whatever I want with it:

There is an “aux” parameter in API which limits the list of results as well. But as I understand your highlighted list is in this aux parameters’ list.

If you’d like to strip off the JSON of extra data, you could use integromat… but why? You can just take the data from a custom action result and update the DB directly.

I’m a bit puzzled :slight_smile:


Hey there! The only problem here, is that if you download data for another currency, everything is stored under another key: for example the ETH logo is under data.ETH.logo, hence this custom action doesn’t work with it… That’s the issue

Hi @montetennis,

Ah ok, now I see.
Well, you could use several symbols… like docs say

Alternatively pass one or more comma-separated cryptocurrency symbols. Example: “BTC,ETH”

It seems to work - Adalo recognises the reply:

But of course this can’t work for 100s of currencies, it’ll take too much time to set this up manually.

If I prefer using Coinmarketcap’s data, then I’d start looking at Integromat - but not using Integromat’s automated data structure functions, but rather parsing the reply manually.
This will require some effort though :slight_smile:



Hey what was the results key on this? Im also using coin market cap.