How to populate dropdown with Airtable Values - Multiple Select?

I created a dropdown component on a screen that I’d like to populate with choices from Airtable.

The Property in Airtable is called Choice and the Field Type is selected as Multiple Select
The options are Value A, Value B, Value C, Value D.

I want to the dropdown on the screen to display these values
Unfortunately, I’m super stuck and can’t seem to figure out how to display this?
Anyone know the filterByFormula i’m supposed to use? And how it’s typed out?

@williamlee2112 Posted an excellllllleeeeennttt Airtable Resource and through his resource, I was able to figure it out:


Replace Brass with the Value you’re trying to filter for and replace {Materials} with the Column Name.
Damn, worked like a charm!

Solid Resource; so many great filterByFormula’s !

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