How to remove decimal point when It calcuated by formula

Hello, Community.

I have formula that calculate the price , I would like to remove the decimal point like “7500.74” to be “7500”

second case is if the calculated number shown as “7520.74” can Adalo do conversion by formula to change to “7500” or if “7585.76” show as “7600”

Thank a lot may be simple question but i try to search it for a week

Hi @Zer151,

I believe the function you need will be this!



I think Round will help here too!


More info about Math Formulas :

Thank you

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Hi @Zer151,

As @dilon_perera mentioned and explained for your first case, you need to use formulas for this.

For second case, formulas need to be a bit more tricky. To convert 7520.74 to 7500 or 7585.76 to 7600, try using the following:

ROUND(value / 100) * 100

This is a 2-step logic:

  • “internal” formula rounds up or down your value divided by 100. So for 7520.74 it will be ROUND (7520.74 / 100) = ROUND (75.2074) = 75.
    For 7585.76 it will be ROUND (7585.76 / 100) = ROUND (75.8576) = 76.
    And then on the 2nd step you simply multiply this by 100.



@Victor @dilon_perera Thank a lot for your help , I can made it now.

I still has a lot of question but I don’t want to spam the forum.

can someone help me about the Date Picker. I have 3 input date picker but the second and third Date Picker allow user to choose time that before the first Date Picker. Also I can’t display it in 24hours format. (there has no choice to choose)

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As far as I’m aware we can’t add filters for date pickers. This could be a feature request! If you need it I think as a workaround you need to build your own one using some collections. Check the Yongki’s Komum template

For the format you mean show that format on the date picker?

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Thank you so much, I mean get the data from collection and show it in 24 hours format

Show that date in 24 format in a text component right? You can add the text component and add that property from magic text and then you can click on the added value and you will get a formatting dropdown that you can select this format! ( Only get that dropdown if it’s a date or date and time property )

Hello Dilon, yes in the text copenent . I have no option to set at 24hours. please see my photo.

Thank again you are always help people, appreciated for your help.

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