How to restrict product availability based on date and time

I am creating a mobile food app. My customer wants to be able to restrict when an order can be ordered and what products can be ordered. e.g. Menu item is only available for Tuesday Lunch and can be ordered up to 5 days in advance and up to 2 hours before the lunch period starts. Is that possible?

I am also wondering how to do this … commenting so I can follow if there is a response.

I am trying to figure this out myself, if I can figure it out I will post the solution.


One work around I am thinking for this, is to have a “store open” and “store closed” button on the ordering backend. This is a button a worker at the store would select at the start of their day to “open” the store and select “close” at the end of the day to “close” the store.

Then depending on what is selected, the order button would or would not be visible to the user.

I hope that makes sense…but one of the only work arounds I can think of at this time.

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