How to set up a "remember me" to prevent user to login each time

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I’ld like to know if there is a way to set up something like a “remember me” to avoid that my users have to login each time they access the app.
Is there the possibility to remember the user profile so that if they close and reopen the app in a short period of time they don’t have to enter their login detail again ?

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I’ve never had that problem with my app. No matter how many times they close it. Once they open it again, the user is already logged in. And I did not setup anything for that. It’s the default behaviour.

Hi @deborahlbb,

Like Charles said, Once you signup that screen should not come again and the home screen should open when the user opens the app again until he/she sign out.

For which screen you have selected the Home screen?


Thank you

Hello, as @charleshope and @dilon_perera have mentioned, you can just select a specific screen to be the home screen (if the user is logged in) and another one to be the welcome screen (if the user is not logged in).

Thank you!

Thanks a lot for your help guys, but maybe it’s not working for me as I’m using a webview of the app. Every time I leave the webview and I enter it again, I land on the sign up screen and not on the Home screen I have defined.

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