How to upload an image (or document) to an external collection (on Xano)

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how can you use the output of a file picker to upload the document to an external collection? More specifically, how do you even access the contents/output of a file picker?

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You use the URL of the file.

If you want to download the actual file and do something with it after, I think this can be done via Integromat and then you can host the file elsewhere

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Thanks for your answer, I also use Xano for the user authentication. So I only have the Auth Code and User Id available for the user.

My question was more regarding the file/image picker. How can I access the file/image which was picked?

Together with a few text inputs the image picker is on the page. I get the contents in the text inputs to upload but I haven’t discovered a way to get to the file/image in the picker.

Any suggestion how to access and use it?

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