How to upload app without firebase

I’m very confused,

I’m trying to upload my app and it’s asking me for a frontend google-services.json and an Account key google-services.json key

When I click on the documentation it’s talking about Firebase. I am not using firebase at all.

Why can’t you upload an app without firebase? This is stupid.

Edit: Ok I see, You don’t have to recreate your database but for some reason you still need to register the firebase account. No where did it explain why or what it’s doing so naturally I thought I needed to recreate my database. You guys need to be more clear with your instructions cause this made me panic and was confusing as fuck

Hi Jason,

I think there is some sort of misunderstanding in this instance. You do not have to create a database in Firebase, you just have to set up a developer account. Few clicks here and there and it is up and running.

You do have to pay for a developer account but this is basically access for the Play Store, this is unavoidable if you want to upload it for people to download and use it on their Android devices. There are no app builders that you don’t have to pay to be an Android developer.

Adalo has very clear and easy to follow instructions showing how to get your app to the play store and these instructions can be found here Publishing to the Google Play Store - Adalo Resources

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to ask in the forum.



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