How to Use Adalo's New Pie Chart Component

Install a pie chart to give your users a visual representation of counted records, percentages, or record categories!


hi @pfordmedia

Someone besides me is having problems with PIE CHART.

From time to time it just doesn’t let the app or web work.

I had a case where when the current product count is zero it goes white screen. In others it works.

Today I opened an app that was working 100% and gave a white screen. I deleted the chart and it worked. I added it gave white screen.

What could be happening?


I think this has happened to some other makers as well. Could you please submit a support ticket so we can dive into this issue?

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Me parece que o problema é com os filtros. Quando eu adiciono filtro fica muito instável. Isso acontecia com os gráficos que eu testei do Quando você adicionar filtro ele não abre.