I am trying to create a custom formula

I’m trying to create a custom formula where the database structure is designed so that all column headers are numbers (for example 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.), as well as all rows being numbered (for example 10, 20, 30, 40, etc.) and all of the cells are numbers formatted as currency.

I need to be able to enter the numbers in two fields (column and header), and have it search the database to retrieve the $ amount from the corresponding cell.

Example: row 20 + column 40 returns the currency of $65.

This will be for a custom quoting app in home design industry. I can create this with a custom Excel formula but it isn’t scaleable.

I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give.

Hi @deanharrison ,

Database is different than spreadsheet, so column name is fixed, but you can show example of your use case in spreadsheet, so that we can find workaround to do it in database.

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Thank you! Here’s a screen shot of one of many pricing grids that I am trying to convert.

Thanks for the real life example.

I have made cloneable app here,
Column Row Picker (adalo.com)

In this example, only first 3 columns and first 3 rows available.

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