I need Help… List Error

Here is my list and have some functions but…

The problem is that when I press this button the list expands and it’s something I don’t want . The first image is more long than the second image thats the problem

the system is simple it is a true or false that is updated and allows the visibility of an element but the problem is that when it is activated I do not want my list to expand

How do I do this, please help me, how can I prevent it from changing when expanding?


Help please is very simple the list deforms when an item is changed ¡Help please!:+1:

Hey @LUKC,

For such kind of menus usually you need to have a separate screen.
Adalo doesn’t work very well with screen elements which appear on top of each other. You might be able to create such things on one screen, but this will require quite a bit of effort.


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