I want to set up AWS Dynamo as an external DB

Can I specify DynamoDB as the external DB, and also use API Gateway and lambda?

Hi @shunki ,
This is a very complex topic using AWS, any specific reason you really need to use AWS for this (I understand they offer 25GB free).

You can perform this by following this: Tutorial: Build a CRUD API with Lambda and DynamoDB - Amazon API Gateway

Although they follow the usual CRUD industry standard, they use the “PUT” for both create and edit the record.

Thank you.

I’ve created a database using RESTAPI with API Gateway.
I can’t seem to reflect database updates in real time.

Can I use the websocket API to solve this problem?

I haven’t used websocket in a while, but websocket is bi-directional, should be possible, but can’t really remember, apologies.

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